Who Can Apply for the EUR ING Title


Application is open only to individuals if they are members of an engineering association represented in FEANI through a National Member (see section "Members").


How to Apply for the EUR ING Title


 * Important note for Italian applicants: our Italian National Member, CNI (Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri) does not accept to process EUR ING applications. CNI states that it would be against the Italian law to bear the EUR ING title in Italy. Indeed, the EUR ING being a professional title would introduce a confusion with the Italian professional title which can only be delivered by the Italian administration for education.

Consequently, an engineer with an education from Italy and professional experience in Italy only cannot introduce a request for EUR ING through the Italian National Member.
However, if an engineer with an education from Italy exercises his profession in another European country and is a member of the FEANI National Member in that country, he may send his application to that National Member.
An application sent directly to the FEANI Secretariat General cannot be considered.